The Top 9 Stories Every B2B Seller Must Focus On In 2023!

The market is speaking!
The sales profession must listen!

Get instant access to an innovative and differentiated way to view the sales conversation.  A philosophy that provides buyers with what they want:

For sellers to stop selling widgets and start selling wisdom. 

If you are a growth focussed seller, sales leader or business owner, even if you are brand new to the sales role or a veteran, then this document is designed just for you!

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Bernadette McClelland - Jason Orr Testimonial


We have included the following highlights for you to digest and give some considered thought to:

  • What Buyers Want In 2023
  • The StorySeller Circles
  • Putting StorySelling Into Perspective
  • What Is A StorySeller?
  • Stay Ahead Of The Curve Through Story
  • Are You Telling, Selling or Excelling?
  • The Struggling Seller vs The StorySeller
  • Where Do You See Your Identity and Impact?
  • Moving Up The Ascension Ladder
  • The 9 Story Modes
  • Next Steps

We trust you also shift and disrupt your thinking toward the sales conversation.

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